Polish Standard – PN

Application of Polish Standards is voluntary, unless the obligation to adhere to them has been introduced through ministerial regulations or through reference in statutes (Article 19(2) and 19(3) of the Polish Standardisation Act). References to Polish Standards may be dated (through specification of the standard number and the year of creation) or not (specification of standard number only). This means, respectively, that a specific issue of the standard has been referenced or that the latest issue is to be followed.

If dated reference is included in a provision introducing the obligation to apply a standard, this obligation applies to a specific version of the standard, until the provision changes.

Polish Standards are updated through amendment or through modifications or supplements. A user of a standard
is recommended to make sure that they have the current version of the standard (including the content of the modifications introduced).

Motions for update of standards or their withdrawal from the collection of Polish Standards may be filed directly
with the Office of the Polish Committee for Standardization (PKN) (00-139 Warszawa, ul. Elektoralna 2).

Information about the validity of Polish Standards and about the Polish Standards listed as mandatory is provided by the Information and Documentation Centre of the PKN Office, 00-139 Warszawa, ul. Elektoralna 2,
tel. (0-22) 620-02-41,
extension 500, 623, 354, fax (0-22) 624-71-22.

All the elements we make meet the requirements of applicable standards:

PN-EN 62305-1:2008 Lightning Protection – Part 1: General Requirements.

PN-EN 62305-2:2008 Lightning Protection – Part 2: Risk Management.

PN-EN 62305-3:2009 Lightning Protection – Part 3: Physical Damage to Building Structures and Life Hazards.

PN-EN 62305-4:2009 Lightning Protection – Part 4: Electric and Electronic Damage in Building Structures.

PN-EN 50164-1:2010 Lightning Protection Device Elements – Part 1: Requirements for Connection Elements.

PN-EN 50164-2:2010 Lightning Protection Device Elements – Part 2: Requirements for Wires and Earth Electrodes.

PN-EN 62561 – 1:2012 SEP-BBJ Certificate of Conformity

PN-EN 40-3-1 Light Posts. Part 3-1: Design and Verification. Characteristic Loads

PN-EN 1991-1-4 Eurocode 1. Actions on Structures. Part 1-4: General Actions.
Wind Actions.