Warranty Terms & Conditions

AH Hardt sp.j. with its registered office in Cholerzyn 215 near Cracow, 32-060 Liszki, hereinafter the Warrantor, hereby grants the Customer a warranty for all the items manufactured by the Warrantor and guarantees undisrupted operation of its produces provided that they are used as intended.

§ 1

1. The warranty period for products offered by the Warrantor shall run from the date of sale, and it is:

12 – months for all products
12 – months for electrogalvanised (SILVER SERIES) and copper-coated products
24 – months for hot-dip galvanised products
36 – months for electrogalvanised products (GOLD SERIES)
60 – months for electrogalvanised products (PLATINUM SERIES)
72 – months for products made of non-ferrous metals and of stainless steel.

2. Any potential defects or damage revealed in this period and covered under the warranty ought to be immediately reported to the Warrantor.

§ 2

The Warrantor shall be liable before the Purchaser for any defects arising for reasons inherent in the product, but the warranty shall not cover any defects arising for any other reasons, in particular as a result of: improper use or use of products unsuitable for the conditions at the site of installation, incorrect installation (e.g. use of flat spanners instead of ring spanners or socket spanners), maintenance, warehousing and transport, improper actions of the Purchaser or third parties resulting in mechanical defects, damage to the anti-corrosion layer, mechanical damage, chemical damage, thermal damage or intentional damage to the product resulting in a defect, any damage caused as a result of using non-original materials or materials inconsistent with the manufacturer’s recommendations, damage arising from fortuitous events (fire, flood, etc.).

§ 3

Furthermore, the Purchaser shall lose their rights under the warranty if products are found to have been: modified, tampered with by unauthorised persons, attempted to be repaired by unauthorised persons (the Warrantor shall only recognise an employee of AH Hardt sp.j. as an “Authorised Person”).

§ 4

1. If the Warrantor finds that the damage has been caused by any of the reasons defined in
§ 2 or detects any unauthorised modification, repairs and tampering as per § 3, this gives rise to rejection of the Purchaser’s complaint.

2. In such an event, the goods covered by the complaint may be returned at the cost and request
of the party who has filed the complaint.

§ 5

The following shall form the basis for complaint acceptance:
1. The Purchaser files the complaint, specifying: name of the goods, catalogue number, batch number (if any), detailed description of the damage with additional information about how the product defects arose, and a picture of the defective product.
2. The invoice for purchase of the product covered by the complaint is provided.
3. The product covered by the complaint is delivered, in person or through a carrier (forwarder),
to the Warrantor’s registered office at the Purchaser’s cost and risk.

4. The product covered by the complaint should be properly secured for the time of transport.

§ 6

1. The warranty shall only be limited to free-of-charge repair or replacement with a new product
or another product with the same technical parameters.

2. The Warrantor shall decide whether the product is defective and what remedy to apply.
3. The replaced products shall become the property of the Warrantor.
4. If a complaint is accepted, the Warrantor shall return the costs of delivering the product covered by the complaint based on the carrier’s (forwarder’s) invoice.
5. The Warrantor reserves the right to charge the Complaining Party with any processing costs connected with inspection and transport if the product covered by the complaint is working or if the damage is not covered by the warranty. In such an event, the Complaining Party shall be charged with a processing fee.

§ 7

1. If a complaint is accepted before the product is replaced or repaired or before costs are returned, the Purchaser shall return the product covered by the complaint in a complete condition.
2. In justified cases, the Warrantor reserves the right not to satisfy the Purchaser’s warranty claims in respect of incomplete products.

§ 8

1. A product covered by the complaint ought to be accompanied by a precise description of the defects. The Warrantor shall not be liable for lengthy complaint processing times if this results from complete or misleading description of the defect.
2. The Warrantor shall confirm receipt of the product for complaint processing with a properly signed and stamped receipt. Such product receipt shall in no way mean that the complaint has been recognised as justified.
3. The Warrantor reserves the right to carry out site inspection in the place where the product covered by the complaint was installed.

§ 9

1. Complaint handling through repair shall take 30 days following the date of delivering the defective product to the Warrantor’s registered office.
2. The deadlines specified above shall not apply if the Complaining Party has missed payment deadlines by more than 7 days. In the above case, until the Complaining Party settles the whole debt, the run of the time limits for removal of product defects and damage shall be suspended. The Purchaser agrees that the Warrantor may keep the product received in deposit.

§ 10

In justified cases, another time limit or method for satisfying the Purchaser’s warranty claims may be agreed in writing.

§ 11

The product warranty shall be extended by the repair time, and it shall start running anew in respect of the replaced product. If all the goods are replaced with goods free of defects,
the Purchaser shall obtain a full new warranty commencing on the day when the new product has been handed over.

§ 12

1. The completion of repair under the warranty shall be confirmed by the complaint document issued by the Warrantor.
2. Products may be collected after repair based on a duly signed and stamped product receipt confirmation issued by the Warrantor.
3. After the repair, the product covered by the complaint shall be sent back at the Warrantor’s cost.

§ 13

1. The Warrantor shall be under no obligation to modernise or modify an existing product once its latest version has been launched.
2. The Warrantor shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage suffered by the Purchaser due to product defect, and in particular for any loss of or damage to other equipment.
3. The Warrantor shall grant warranty for the anti-corrosion layer, but only those elements of the layer in which red rust has occurred are covered by the warranty. White rust is not corrosion within the meaning of this warranty.
4. The Warrantor shall not be liable if the items have been used in unnatural weather conditions.

§ 14

In maters not regulated hereunder, the provisions of Polish Civil Code shall apply.