Survival during a thunder storm – the safest place

In Faraday cage!
Thunder is an electric discharge. A man stands no chances within its range, which is why it is a good idea to know how to avoid it.
What is Faraday cage and where should we look for it?
The potential on the surface of an electrical conductor must be constant so the current does not penetrate the conductor, remaining on its surface. Which is why there is no electric field inside the cage, regardless of how charged it is.
At the moment of danger in the form of lightning discharge during a storm, the best place to hide is inside a car – close the windows and wait through the storm.

Dangerous but fascinating phenomenon

A breathtaking but life-threatening spectacle of nature, causing deaths or injuries of people and animals every year. The majority of those situations result from lack of knowledge and improper conduct. It is important to adequately protect yourself against the hazard.

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